Lars Håberg Ottesen (LHO) is a photographer and artist based in Bergen, Norway. With his project LHO PRINTS he utilizes his photography from across the globe to make aesthetical and playful art. Key elements in his work is a variety of colors and shapes that represents a way of seeing this planet. He believes that the world comes in a broad variety of colors, and through his colorful art he wants to enhance the way we experience the world.

The art prints displayed at LHO PRINTS are somehow a result of Lars’s work as a documentary photographer. His personal experience is that no matter who we are, where we are and no matter what kind of challenges we are fighting, most people have a wish to intensify beautiful moments in life. His contribution to this is through colorful art photography.

Lars Håberg Ottesen is also a documentary photographer and an avid traveler. As a documentarist, he has been working out of the Middle East, and been exhibited in various places throughout the world. You can visit his documentary website: www.larshaberg.com