Amigo Program


Here at LHO Prints we are all pals, best buddies, bff’s, homies, brothers from different mothers, etc., etc., but most importantly we are all AMIGOS!

That is why we have now launched a super cool program that all AMIGOS in the world can benefit from! We call it the LHO PRINTS AMIGO PROGRAM!

Everyone who joins our special program and get their amigos to join the program will be awarded 20% from all purchases made by your own amigos from our web shop. Pretty sweet, huh?

All you have to do is register your AMIGO profile HERE!

So, here is how it works:

  1. When you, my amigo now joins the LHO PRINTS AMIGO PROGRAM. You get your very own AMIGO CODE.
  2. If you have a friend (let’s call your friend Gerald, ok?), you invite Gerald, or give him your code personally. Then Gerald goes to and registers as a new user. He can then also register on to something which is called our “Referral Program”, which is really the AMIGO PROGRAM.
  3. Then, if Gerald buys something from worth €100 we will award you €20 that you can use in our web shop.
  4. But hey amigo, it gets better! Now, Gerald has his very own AMIGO CODE that he gives to his amigo, Amelia, and Amelia goes to and registers to the AMIGO PROGRAM and buys something worth €100, then Gerald will be rewarded €20 and you my amigo will get 20% of Gerald’s €20. That is €4!
  5. So now in this fictitious tale about you, Gerald and Amelia you now have €24 to spend in our shop.
  6. But if then Amelia has another amigo called, Nathan, and Nathan has another amigo called, Lucy, and Lucy has another amigo called, Frank, then you will get a tiny percentage from the sale done by Frank. If Frank buys something worth €100 you will then get €0,032. Capiche?
  7. However, you can invite or give your AMIGO CODE to all the amigos that you have! So if you invite or give your AMIGO CODE to both Gerald, and let’s say, Hailey, and they both buy something worth €100 you will be awarded €40 to use in our web shop.
  8. So end of story, the more amigos you have that uses your very own AMIGO CODE the better it is for you. People like Frank are too low down in the food chain for you to earn much. But as we say here at LHO Prints, many small streams make one big river, right?

There you go Amigo! Registering in the LHO PRINTS AMIGO PROGRAM has absolutely no downside, we are not making you commit to anything foolish. We simply want to get our prints out to as many of you great amigos out there and we want you to be our amigo and everyone else’s amigo.

Before you enroll in to the LHO Prints Amigo Program you have to read and accept our Amigo Program terms and conditions.

Yours truly, The LHO Prints team!